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22-Day Muni Challenge Pledge

Take the

I pledge to participate in the SF Transit Riders 22-Day Muni Challenge!

I will:

  • Do my best to ride Muni daily from Monday, June 1st to Monday, June 22nd
  • Tweet using the hashtag #onBoardSF before, after, or while riding transit 
  • Attend the Press Conference on Monday, June 1st at 1PM if I’m available
  • Celebrate 22 days of riding Muni at the Closing Party if I’m available
  • Make a commitment to riding Muni regularly thereafter

By participating in this campaign, I will demonstrate my commitment to robust and efficient public transportation in San Francisco. Regularly riding public transportation will allow me to stay in touch with how crucial it is to the functioning of our city and how it positively and negatively impacts citizens. It is a great opportunity to show the hundreds of thousands of current and would-be riders, as well as the rest of the country, that San Francisco is a Transit First city.

Learn more about the 22-Day Muni Challenge here!

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Sunday Parking Helps Transit, Businesses, & Motorists

GOAL: 400 signatures

To: Mayor Ed Lee
CC: San Francisco Board of Supervisors; San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency
From: San Francisco Transit Riders Union and supporters signing below

We oppose your proposal to end charging at parking meters on Sundays. Transit riders shouldn't have to sacrifice - both in degraded service and in the wallet - so that motorists can get free parking.

Ending Sunday metering will hurt transit riders:

  1. More motorists will be circling for parking and double parking, making Muni slower and less reliable
  2. It will deprive Muni of critical funding, which could result in:
    • Less Muni service
    • More waiting and crowding
    • Higher fares

In addition, Sunday metering has been beneficial to both local businesses and motorists. An SFMTA study published in December 2013 indicated that after Sunday metering, drivers were able to find a parking spot twice as fast as before. In addition, parking turnover increase by at least 20 percent, helping more customers get to local businesses.

Mayor Lee: Support transit riders, local businesses, and motorists - continue the successful Sunday parking meters.

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