PUBlic Transit CRAWL #2: To L and Back

On Thursday, November 13th, 2014, we rode all the way to 'L and back: the L Taraval, that is. The celebration was perfectly timed for the crushing defeat of Proposition L on November 4th.

We started at 6PM at The Residence, where the bartender Peter helped us show some transit riding love.


it was a great place to start the night, but before long it was time to head out into the night.


We had just enough time in Church Station for a big group photo op.


Of course, it was hard to resist posing on the train itself, too.


As well as resuming normal Muni activities.


Philosopher's Club was our second location, right at the entrance to West Portal Muni station. 


After an hour we were able to hightail it out of there in time to catch an L train in only 1 minute! Then all the way out to 322nd and Taraval.


At Four Deuces, we had such a good time we stayed for even longer than the hour we had planned. 


We even decided to have the raffle there!


Five lucky people either a muni token necklace, a muni token earrings, a limited edition SFTRU t-shirt, and a gorgeous silk-screened t-shirt from SF City Art Apparel artist, Marlon Beaver

Muni-Bus-Standard-Brown-T-shirt-1000w-San-Francisco-Marlon-Beaver-no-sig_large.jpg Thanks, Marlon!

And one lucky grand prize winner got a free membership to SFTRU! Actually, since that winner had already won Muni token earrings and was already a member, she let somebody else take that free membership. Aren't SFTRUers the best?

We could have stayed at Four Deuces the rest of the night but felt called to finish our mission: to make it all the way to L and back. Muni got more and more fun as the night progressed. 



We made it to The Riptide, all the way at Taraval and 47th Ave. 


A good time was had be all. One intrepid traveller truly made sure to go all the way to the end of the L.


Thanks to everyone who adventured with us! See you on Thursday, February 12th, 2015 for the third PUBlic Transit CRAWL, ValenTine's Day edition. 

And thanks to N Judah Chronicles for coming up with such a great slogan for our L adventures. 


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