PUBlic Transit CRAWL #1 Recap

On August 14th, 2014, we had our first ever PUBlic Transit CRAWL. Instead of crawling on our knees from bar to bar, we crawled on the bus! 50 people came throughout the night, riding Muni to 4 bars across 4 miles in 4 hours. 

PUBlic Transit CRAWL 1 Invitation

A FUNdraiser for SFTRU, we sold special $40 packages that included a year-long membership and 4 drink/raffle tickets. A philanthropic steal!

A new member signs up for SFTRU! PUBlic Transit CRAWL

We kicked it off at 5PM at Mr. Smith’s in Civic Center, where a crowd from SFMTA showed up! We chatted and got into the swing of things, and almost too soon 40 minutes were up and it was time to switch locations.

We boarded the 6 Parnassus at Market St and 7th. There was enough room for us party passengers at 5:50PM, banners and all. A Muni Miracle.

Smiles on Muni, SFTRU PUBlic Transit CRAWL


Of course, most other passengers couldn’t be bothered.

Unamused Bystander. SFTRU PUBlic Transit CRAWL 

Around 6PM we rolled up to Mad Dog in the Fog on Haight St, only about fifty feet from the Fillmore stop. They had even put a sign on the street to announce our arrival.

 Muni Crawl Stop Chalk Sign at Mad Dog in the Fog, SFTRU PUBlic Transit CRAWL

Here we really got into the swing of things!

 Revelry at Mad Dog in the Fog, SFTRU PUBlic Transit CRAWL

We took our time at the next bus stop, passing up another 6 Parnassus to wait for the 71 Haight/Noriega. More time for photos and shenanigans.

Party at the Bus Stop, SFTRU PUBlic Transit CRAWL

Arriving at Martin Macks, Smiles on Muni, SFTRU PUBlic Transit CRAWL


Martin Macks was also right on Haight St. at the Clayton Muni stop, so we had plenty of time for food and drink. 

Martin Macks, Smiles on Muni, SFTRU PUBlic Transit CRAWL

Checking Next Muni at 7:40PM we realized we had many transit options for this next leg, so switched over to the 43 Masonic! Our bus compatriots were more amused this time around. The stop took us to 9th and Judah, which was a great opportunity to saunter over to Yancy’s Saloon, our final stop.

 Walking down 9th Ave, Smiles on Muni, SFTRU PUBlic Transit CRAWL

Folks gladly used up the rest of their drink tickets, and then at 9PM we had our Raffle Prize Drawing!

Raffle Drawing, SFTRU PUBlic Transit CRAWL

3 lucky winners went home with Muni token necklaces, 2 with Muni transfer water bottles, and 1 with a Commemorative Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary Clipper Card. 1 Grand Prize winner got a custom N Judah Chronicles T-shirt, presented by Greg Dewar himself! (Find more Greg at @njudah.)

Yes, transit bloggers were well-represented at Yancy’s, where we were also joined by Aaron Bialick of Streetsblog SF and Eric Chase of Transbay Blog. We hung around for another hour and then scattered into the night, many taking the N Judah home.

We officially declare the PUBlic Transit CRAWL a success, which is why we can now refer to it as PUBlic Transit CRAWL #1! We are gladly accepting route and bar recommendations for our next crawl in Mid-November 2014. Let us know where you think we should go on Twitter (@SFTRU) or Facebook (/SFTRU). Coming soon to a Muni route near you!

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