Bob Planthold

signed Sunday Parking Meters 2014-06-19 16:16:01 -0700
This is an attempt to pander to voters by offering a “give-back” so as to induce voters to support a $500 MILLION general obligation bond, and later to support -in 2016-a transportation-focussed increase in the sales tax.

As well, there is a pro-Christian bias, by only ending a meter payment on the day most Christians take off work and -maybe-worship. Jews, 7th Day Adventists, Muslims, agnostics, atheists, theists, deists, and others all don’t get a free meter day on their special religious observance day, if any.

Mayor Lee proposes NO alternative to providing $$$ to fix the gap this would cause in the MTA budget -which by the way-came without any input from MTA staff or board.

Shame on Mayor Lee —for poor planning, religious bias, and “gotcha” politics.

Sunday Parking Helps Transit, Businesses, & Motorists

GOAL: 400 signatures

To: Mayor Ed Lee
CC: San Francisco Board of Supervisors; San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency
From: San Francisco Transit Riders Union and supporters signing below

We oppose your proposal to end charging at parking meters on Sundays. Transit riders shouldn't have to sacrifice - both in degraded service and in the wallet - so that motorists can get free parking.

Ending Sunday metering will hurt transit riders:

  1. More motorists will be circling for parking and double parking, making Muni slower and less reliable
  2. It will deprive Muni of critical funding, which could result in:
    • Less Muni service
    • More waiting and crowding
    • Higher fares

In addition, Sunday metering has been beneficial to both local businesses and motorists. An SFMTA study published in December 2013 indicated that after Sunday metering, drivers were able to find a parking spot twice as fast as before. In addition, parking turnover increase by at least 20 percent, helping more customers get to local businesses.

Mayor Lee: Support transit riders, local businesses, and motorists - continue the successful Sunday parking meters.