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Van Ness BRT will be San Francisco’s first true Bus Rapid Transit project, where buses run almost as efficiently as subways in dedicated center bus lanes. Spanning 2 miles of Van Ness Ave, the project also encompasses replacing the sewer system (built after the 1906 Earthquake) and the overhead wires and poles (most poles are 100 years old), as well as streetscape improvements. When finished, transit times on Van Ness will decrease by up to 32% and Muni buses on Van Ness will never be stuck in traffic again.

However, the project is now in peril. Though the project will add over 90 new trees to the area, doubling its current number, opposition has recently surfaced to the removal of certain trees necessary for its completion. Opponents are advocating for a side lane alternative, one that would make buses run essentially in the same conditions as today. It shows no significant improvement in travel time and reliability as trucks and cars will continue to impede buses by making right turns, pulling into the lane to park, double-parking in the bus lane, or making deliveries. This is unacceptable.

We understand and value the importance of trees in the city. This is why we are excited that soon there will be more of them on Van Ness! Taking cars off the road by building an alternative that is more attractive than driving, as well as doubling the amount of replacement trees that will be planted, will be crucial in mitigating carbon pollution rampant in the urban environment and this busy corridor. Many of the trees are also in very poor condition, and allowing the trees to remain would not only be a liability for the city, but can adversely disrupt someone's business, residence, commute, or life. These trees must be removed, and these bus lanes must be built. Please sign this petition to support robust Bus Rapid Transit on Van Ness.


We the undersigned urge the Department of Public Works to approve the removal and replacement of trees necessary for the Van Ness Bus Rapid Transit project to be built as currently designed. 

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A first class city deserves a first class transit system.
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This looks like a fine design for both public and private transit.
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Please, we need this!!
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Sign the petition: I support Van Ness Bus Rapid Transit
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Move Forward, Get it Done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This should be an easy decision, it’s really NOT complex rocket science!
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