June 12 from 06:00 – 07:30 PM at SPUR
654 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94105, United States

The San Francisco Transit Riders Union (SFTRU), in partnership with SPUR, TransForm, and SFPark, will be holding a free forum about the state of parking in San Francisco.

With car use declining among young people, driverless cars in our future, and an influx of carsharing and ridesharing services, is our current seemingly gridlocked parking problem soon to be solved? Can improving transit access and reliability to neighborhoods reduce the strain on parking, even while removing parking spaces? Does the latest influx of goods transportation and delivery services make it worse? How can Parking Benefit Districts turn “no” into “yes” for neighborhoods? 

First, listen to innovative automobile and parking analysts, neighborhood leaders, and land use experts  talk about what the current state of parking is, how it affects us all, and how we can plan for public transit given this shift in car use. Then, break into groups and add your vision to the discussion. 

Here is a look at six of the panelists. Each of these experts, analysts, and neighborhood leaders will present a specific set of tools to reduce parking stress. Forum participants will then break into groups to discuss applying these tools and others throughout the city.  

[Jennifer Payne]   Jennifer PayneParkNow

Jennifer Payne joined ParkNow as Director of Business Development in May of 2013.  She previously served as Senior Manager of Business Development at The Melt, a VC backed startup, where she launched its food truck division.  Prior to that she spent six years in business development and fleet operations at Zipcar.  She is a Bay Area native who is familiar with the region's parking and transportation market.

[Patrick Siegman]   Patrick SiegmanNelson/Nygaard

Patrick Siegman specializes in developing transportation solutions that help communities improve their economy, environment, and quality of life. His expertise as a transportation planner is wide-ranging, from street designs for all modes of transportation and transit, bicycle, and pedestrian planning to parking and transportation demand management. Patrick leads short courses for organizations such as the American Institute of Certified Planners and Congress for the New Urbanism, and has written for publications such as Planning, Parking Today, and New Urban News.

[Ann Cheng]   Ann ChengTransform

Ann Cheng is the director of GreenTrip – TransForm’s green building certification program for new residential, mixed use development that encourages less driving by reduced parking and incentives like free transit passes and carshare. She also developed the Great Communities Collaborative Toolkit, used throughout the region in developing model station area plans and provides technical assistance on parking and transportaiton policies to community groups and city staff engaged with planning for better communities.

[Brian Stokle]   Brian StokleUrban Life Signs

Brian Stokle is a transportation planner and cartographer. He writes about urbanism, transportation, and geography on his blog, UrbanLifeSigns.com. He will be speaking about making housing more affordable by adapting parking requirements to allow for developers to build less parking or none at all, as exemplified by the Market Octavia Plan.

[Lauren Mattern]   Lauren MatternSFMTA

Lauren Mattern has worked on parking policy at the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) for nearly five years.  She was instrumental in implementing the city’s innovative and award-winning SFpark pilot project and leads a variety of parking projects in coordination with the multimodal focus of the SFMTA. Lauren has a Masters of City Planning and Urban Design Certificate from the University of Pennsylvania.

[Erick Arguello]   Erick ArguelloCalle 24 Merchants & Neighbors Association

Erick Arguello is Co-founder and President of the Calle 24 Merchants and Neighbors Association. He is also a Co-founder of the Calle 24 Latino Cultural District. A50-year Mission resident originally from Nicaragua, Erick will be addressing parking as it pertains to neighborhood culture and identity.

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Will you come?