Tell BoS to Support Population-based Muni Funding

We’ve watched Muni funding get jerked around in the last few months. First the mayor suspended Sunday Metering, ostensibly to garner support for the Vehicle License Fee. Then in a classic bait and switch, he dropped VLF too. Muni needs alternative funding, and it needs it now.

This is why we are excited about Supervisor Scott Wiener's proposed Charter Amendment for population-based Muni funding. It would “adjust the required annual appropriation from the General Fund to the Transportation Fund annually to reflect increases in the population of San Francisco,” making sure that as the city grows, funds for Muni will grow with it.

On Tuesday, July 22nd, the Board of Supervisors will vote whether or not to put this Charter Amendment on the November ballot. We the transit riders need to tell them to we support a stronger Muni today. 

Their meeting is closed to public comment, which makes it crucial for the Supervisors to know what their constituents think. Some of them are wary of this Charter Amendment, citing potential funding from other ballot initiatives like the upcoming G.O. Bond. Muni needs both! This Charter Amendment funds Muni explicitly and would give it $22 million off the bat. The funds are directly slated "to improve the system’s reliability, frequency of service, capacity, and state of good repair," as well as "to improve street safety for all users." 

Tell the Board of Supervisors that we can’t keep putting off funding for Muni, especially as the city grows! Here's how:

  • Send an email to the Board of Supervisors. Below is a draft email you can use and edit. Just cut and paste the email addresses into the address field of your own email.
  • Call your Supervisor. Find their phone number here and tell them to support population-based funding for Muni!
  • Make a donation to support our advocacy or become a member.

Draft Email for Board of Supervisors:



SUBJECT: Support Population-Based Muni Funding

Dear Board of Supervisors,

Please pass the proposed Charter Amendment for Population-Based Adjustment to General Fund Appropriation to the Transportation Fund.

Muni has been severely underfunded for years—both the capital and service budgets.  I strongly support an amendment that addresses both of these budgets, specifically citing improvements to reliability, capacity, and frequency.

Especially with no legislation proceeding this year for the Vehicle License Fee and its uncertainty in the future, as well as the suspension of Sunday metering, it is essential that measures such as this based on alternative funding strategies be put in place.

We specifically applaud the recognition that Muni services will need to expand as the City grows, and that this amendment directly responds to population-increase.

We urge you to support transit riders and pass this proposed Charter Amendment.

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